Alaska Fishing Guide, Spencer Cook

Spencer Cook an Alaska fishing guide, husband, and father of 3 boys.  “I cannot imagine life without fishing. I moved my family to Alaska in the spring of 2013 to chase this dream. After living out of a borrowed car and driving tour buses for a summer, I landed a full-time truck driving job and began working toward my dream of owning a guiding business. I launched Red Beard Anglers (fly fishing guide service) and I have never looked back. I have had a burning passion for fishing and the outdoors since a very early age. When I was young, I would go to great lengths to be able to get out on the water any chance I got. Since deciding that I would make fishing my life, I have found that introducing others to this sport brings as much joy as catching fish on my own.”

Spencer with a Willow Creek King Salmon

A Resident Alaska Fishing Guide

Lots of “Alaska fishing Guides” are folks that get summer jobs running boats, yet many of them have never fished or navigated the rivers they will be guiding on. Spencer is an Alaska resident that lives here and fishes here year round. He has dedicated countless hours to learning about and fishing on the rivers that he will be taking you to. He is passionate about the fish he pursues and fisheries he frequents.

“Lucky for me I grew up in a family that appreciates the outdoors. Fishing has always been an activity we’ve done as a family. I am the second of seven kids (5 boys 2 girls) and we all fish. I have always had an insatiable need to be outside, and especially for fishing. In Jan 2009 I was lucky enough to marry a truly spectacular woman. The summer after we were married, I visited Alaska for the first time. The second I experienced it, I knew I had to live here some day.

I am truly humbled that I get to take people to the places I love everyday. Living in Alaska surrounded by it’s beauty is truly a blessing. Getting to cast a rod for salmon and rainbow trout every day is icing on the cake! Come with me on a fishing adventure you will never forget.”

Spencer Cook, Owner/Guide
iFishAlaska Guide Service

Some Family Fishing Photos

A nice Sliver Salmon

Spencer and his boys fly fishing

Family fishing time


Family Owned and Operated

Alaska Fishing Guide Business

iFishAlaska Guide Service is a locally owned, family run, small business based right here in Willow, Alaska. Our Alaska Fishing Guides and Charters operation caters to both visitors and tourists, as well as local Alaskans. Each year, people from all over the world book fishing trips with us and enjoy experiencing a part of Alaska they can’t see from the road.

Likewise each year we have lots of local Alaskans who either want to get out and catch fish themselves or have relatives visiting that they want to take out. Either way we enjoy the mix of locals and visitors in the boat each day.

Kristen with a beautiful Rainbow trout

Multi-day fishing trip

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