Alaska Fly Fishing Trips Near Anchorage Alaska

Alaska Fly Fishing Trips are truly an awesome experience. Each year as salmon make their way into freshwater, resident trout, char, and grayling lie in wait for the bounty of nutrients the salmon run provides. The entire ecosystem flips a switch when the salmon are present. Targeting salmon and trout with a fly rod allows you to connect to these fish in a very exiting way.

Willow Creek

Living in Willow affords us the opportunity to explore this awesome trout fishery. It is in our backyard and the main focus of our fly fishing efforts. Hungry rainbow trout lurk in the undercut banks and log jams waiting to attack your fly. We love to see the fish take a fly in the clear water.

Montana Creek

Just a short drive north from Willow, Montana Creek runs cold and clear. There is an abundance of large Rainbow Trout, Grayling, and Dolly Varden. Montana Creek is one of the most beautiful fisheries in our area. You will never forget your fly fishing experience on this awesome creek.

Susitna River Tributaries

There are many Susitna River Tributaries that provide good fly fishing opportunities for rainbow trout, grayling, and char which give us lots of good options to choose from. We enjoy exploration, we will make sure we can find fish throughout the day by exploring these fisheries.

If you are new to fly fishing or have years of experience, spending a day on the water with us will open your eyes to the opportunities that abound a short 90 minute drive from Alaska’s largest city. We take an educational approach to our Alaska fly fishing trips. We want to make you a better angler. We want to you be able to enjoy our home waters on your terms. Many anglers choose us to simply learn the river systems that they can venture to on their own. Our guides are fly fisherman at heart.


We specialize in two-handed techniques (spey rods). If you have a desire to delve into that world, make sure to tell us you’d like to give it a a try and we will help you to become proficient. There is just something very special about traditional two handed methods for catching anadromous fish. Swinging flies for angry salmon or hungry trout is THE best way to fish. If you’d like to learn more about Alaska fly fishing trips, be sure to check out our parter website: