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Deshka River Fishing Trips

iFishAlaska Guide Service owner and guide Pat Donelson, is well respected among  Deshka River fishing guides and he spends a majority of his summer guiding fisherman to the Deshka River. iFishAlaska offers daily salmon fishing charters to the Deshka River, which is one of south central Alaska’s hottest king salmon and silver salmon fisheries. We have daily salmon fishing trips launching from Deshka Landing, which is located approximately 90 minutes drive north of Anchorage.

All of our Deshka River fishing guides are licensed and insured and have years of experience fishing the rivers we take you to. We will take you into the “real Alaska” in one of our custom welded jet powered outboard river boats where you can experience world class Alaska salmon fishing as well as see sights that most visitors never get to see.

King Salmon Fishing Trips

Deshka River Fishing Guides - iFishAlaska Guide Service

May 14 – July 13 2016

Silver Salmon Fishing Trips

Salmon Fishing The Deshka River with iFishAlaska Guide Service

July 22 – Aug 25 2016

Early Season Special $30 Off

Book an early season Alaska fishing trip May 14-25 for only $120 pp.

Go With Experienced Deshka River Fishing Guides

Nice King Caught with the Deshka River Fishing Guides - iFish Alaska Gude ServiceOur Deshka River fishing guides know the river and have decades of experience fishing these waters. Ride with them in our jet powered river boat and go “off road”to see Alaska the way it was meant to be. Get away from the crowds and go with us for some Deshka River Fishing!

These are the two main salmon species we run charters for on the Deshka River, however we do have access to several local streams that host all 5 species of North American salmon each summer. We will take you to the best locations based on strength of the run timing. See the Deshka River King Salmon Run

No Experience Needed!

We often get asked the question about whether someone needs previous fishing experience to go on one of our charters; the answer is NO! We love introducing folks to fishing and our guides will teach you what you need to know to catch Alaska salmon. We provide all the gear, we bait your hook, and we even clean your fish at the end of the charter.

The Best Salmon Fishing Near Anchorage AK.

The Deshka river boasts one of the best king salmon and silver salmon run counts of any river in south central Alaska. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game operates a weir at mile 7 on the Deshka and each season they manually count all of the salmon that pass through it. This helps them keep close track of run strength and the health of the fish.

When many other local streams have been closed or restricted in recent years, this river has consistently produced strong enough salmon returns to keep it open. It has met it’s escapement goals which has two benefits: it allows anglers an opportunity to fish the entire season, and it ensures the viability of the fishery by allowing enough fish to escape to spawn.

Catch Wild Alaska Salmon With The Deshka River Fishing Guides


Ride With Us in Jet Powered River Boats

We operate custom welded jet powered boats that are made specifically suited for Deshka River Fishing and perfect for running in very shallow water. Many times we are skirting through shallows that are only several inches deep. Our custom welded riverboat was built locally by Greatland Welding and is perfect for the needs of our Deshka River Fishing Guides. This boat was designed with your comfort and safety in mind and makes an excellent fishing platform. Our boat is an open flat bottom design we like to call a “sled”. It’s very stable and easy to fish from.


Deshka River Fishing Guides

Deshka River Fishing Charters


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